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All about TravelWithThis

We exist to help you travel with less stuff, the right stuff. TravelWithThis is not just another site for product reviews. This is a travel product resource and index.  We do the research so you don’t have to. For every travel product category, we research the 7 best items for the price from among the hundreds of reviews available online (from videos, to amazon, to brand release notes, to blogs) We publish the highlight reel for you with our highest recommendations.


In as few words as possible, we try to answer 7 questions with every individual product.

1. What is the rating of this product (according to the 5 critical travel factors)?
2. What are the pros to traveling with this?
3. What are the potential cons of traveling with this?
4. What other notable features/specifications does this have?
5. How this product meets your specific travel needs?
6. Where can you purchase this?
7. Where did we do our research? (Where can you get more detailed information?)


The 5 critical travel factors (and what they mean)

BUILD: How well is this constructed?
PACKABILITY: How easily does this pack?
FUNCTIONALITY: How well does this work?
UNIQUENESS:  How unique is this item?
VALUE: Is this worth the price?


Our story

I am constantly bombarded by the hundreds of reviews available for every single product I’ve ever considered purchasing. But for some reason I can’t help but read and watch every one of them. I end up with more time wasted than money saved.


When my best friend and I moved our families to South America my compulsion for travel product research hit an all time high. After countless international trips we began compiling an inventory of what we found to be the some of the most efficient, quality travel products. TravelWithThis is the fruit of ours and many other well-traveled minds from across the globe. We hope that these product comparisons empower you to travel with less stuff, the right stuff.


How to research using TravelWithThis.com

In the top right corner, search for the type of product you’d like for travel and you’ll see lists of categories or products to choose from.


If you already know the product you’re thinking about buying, type that in. You’ll then see our recommendations concerning that item.


Do you have any recommendations?

Do you know of better travel products or are there any comparisons you wish we’d cover?

Email us your ideas and we’ll start the research immediately. If you’ve used the product you’re the expert. We will probably ask for your input and recommendations, too. Everyone can contribute.

Have you found any errors on the site?

Email us and we’ll check on it as soon as we can.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Email us and we’ll make sure it’s the next review to go up.

Love to travel, love to write?

Become a contributor for TravelWithThis. This is all volunteer until the site generates income, then we will compensate justly. Send us an email and we can talk about getting you signed on.


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