Best Travel Sandals for Women

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Long-lasting rubber sole


Life-time warranty

Tiny, thin, lightweight.


slightly heavy but doesn't take up much room

The ideal flip-flop


adjustable slip-proof straps

Easy to find flip flops to replace these.


Few versatile travel shoes that compare

Considering their international popularity, they're well worth the price


Considering the warranty and versatility, well worth it

If I'm only bringing one pair of travel shoes, Chacos are my default.

reasons to travel with this

  • Light weight (esp if bringing more than one pairs of shoes)
  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Inconspicuous (not going to draw "traveler" attention to your feet)
  • They float!
  • Not going to leave you any blisters
  • Water resistant
  • Straps completely onto your foot
  • You can run in them
  • Thick soles great for hiking
  • Durable

things to consider

  • Very informal (limited on types of restaurants you can enter)
  • They can slip off (not easily but they aren't strapped to your feet)
  • Not recommended for hiking or running
  • Maybe you don't like shoes with something between your toe?
  • Very casual- limited on types of restaurants you can enter
  • if you're new to wearing them you can get blisters
  • Heaver than Havaianas to carry on a pack

notable features and specs

  • Hundreds of colors and designs to choose from.
  • Cusomize Feature on their website.
  • Cushioned footbed with textured rice pattern and rubber flip flop sole
  • Thong style or other options
  • If traveling to South America, most people own a pair!
  • Slim or wide options
  • 25 strap designs and colors to choose from (webbing)
  • Vibram soles
  • Adjustable and durable high tensile slip-resistant webbing
  • Non-marking Yampa outsole with VibramĀ® TC-1 rubber and 3mm lugs
  • Lightweight outsole for versatility

get it now

Brief Thoughts

I've had a black pair of Havaianas ever since my honeymoon to Mexico. They are my go to summer shoe especially since I do a lot of walking throughout the day. I'm fashion conscious when it comes to what I put on my feet- these still get chosen for most summer excursions.


Chacos are versitile in that they are great for hiking up mountains and through rivers or walking all day in Rome. With thick soles and grasping straps, they are a great alternative to tennis shoes when traveling in the summer/spring. I take them with me whenever I go backpacking and I highly recommend them.

in summary

Depending on the type of travel, I choose Chacos over Havaianas for any trip that includes activities outside of a city, like hiking or water rafting. Although Havaianas are cheaper and more packable. Chacos replace my shoes, sandals, and hiking boots for most travel occasions.

PS. We did the research so you don't have to. The sources for our research used to make this resource available to you are posted at the bottom of the original product reviews for "Havaianas Women's Slim Flip Flops" & "Chacos Backpacking Sandals (Yampa) - Women's."


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